Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dirty Joke Movie

OMG... Some are bad, but some are really funny. 

I apologize if this offends anyone...
Definitely not Politically correct. 
And... some of these jokes I would never repeat. 

Please plug your ears on some and laugh at the others. 



  1. That's ducking Awesome! Brilliantly adult! :-)

  2. First time I've laughed so hard it hurt, PLUS blushed at the same time! LOTS more please - gentle kisses in payment! :)

  3. Oh... this is so Nasty Darby. And very funny. Where do you find this stuff?
    My favorite was the guy with the chicken. And the guy who had to call in sick. Thank you for the laugh.

  4. :))

    I think that^ would suffice my thoughts on this haha!

  5. Oh Darby... I love this even though I had to hide my laptop screen from others from seeing what I was watching... Thank you so much for the great laughs that made me cry and the smile that circumnavigated my face.