Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DAL T/A ... Not as Adverstised.

Did someone buy off the ALPA MEC?  Appears they're not acting in their membership's best interest. Or are they?

I've just read a little bit of the T/A over at Delta, and it's not as pretty as they say. Marketing isn't everything when you don't have a product of substance. They are rushing this contract into play, when it's not due until January. Two weeks to have an agreement is ridiculous. Why the rush?

DAL management needs this contract signed to lease the 717 Aircraft from SWA. But why is ALPA rushing this through? Something is stinking in the wind.

This is the time to stand strong. 
Set the industry standard for the rest of us.

Despite the majority, not all ALPA reps approves. Detroit voted NO. As did one of the ALPA Captain Representatives from Seattle.  He says....

1.       The pilots gave us their direction through surveys, emails and phone calls.  That direction was not met by this T/A.
2.       The MEC gave the Negotiators direction directly.  That direction was not met by this T/A.
3.       I do not believe that this T/A is the best we could have obtained given the state of our airline or the business plan we expect our management team to have in mind. (opinion)
4.       The concept of “the pilots should get to decide” implies that the MEC has done their best job and is sending on the best deal.  I don’t believe that was done.

What I don't like is the fact they are taking 5% of these pilot's profit sharing. Chevy' Chases Christmas Vacation comes to mind when Frank Shirley cancelled Clark's Christmas Bonus. You just don't go there. Profit sharing should not be taken away. The Oil refinery, new planes... profits are going to be huge. Don't you think employees should share the wealth?

Delta say's they're all about the People. I'm just sayin... don't mess with profit sharing.  From a psychological aspect...a bad, bad, move. Seriously Mr. Anderson... don't be a Dick. Take care of your people, and they'll take care of you.

Cool commercial BTW.


  1. Darby, I agree with you a thousand percent. It's great for a company to increase growth but the employees should growth WITH a company for it to soar and not for a company. Christmas Vacation: Awesome movie. One of the best parts was what Ellen Griswald did to her husband when the squat team invaded and yelled, "FREEZE" Fly safe! P's, I hate it when people are dicks just like Bill.

  2. I'm hearing nothing but controversy. Looking forward to a road show to hear more. But for now, looks like a rush job to me.

  3. more info..

    1. Dal Biz jets gets 5 aircraft up to 99,000 lbs Did ALPA mention that ?

    2. We will allow 70 ADDITIONAL 76 seaters ! Even ONE should be a deal breaker BUT, ALPA can NOT do that or they get SUED. See their manual at the end.

    3. The Co said they will remove the 50 seaters ANYWAY. These RJs make no financial sense. Yet ALPA shows it at their big success . Hog wash !

    3. YOU pay for the miniscule pay increase with YOU PROFIT SHARING. Why do you think DAL wants to reduce the profit sharing ? Because RA's first responsibility is to SHAREHOLDERS ! Not us. Oil is coming down, FAST (Read the news !) DAL will probably show a lot of profit. On this item you may kick yourself very soon . This item alone could be more than the pathetic increase we get. If you send this TA to where it belongs; the TRASH CAN. The current contract continues and also DAL will not get additional 76 seaters ALPA promised...

    4. Add INFLATION to these rates and you see that your increase is almost NOTHING. FOR SURE you are zero or below in year 2 & 3.

    5. If this TA is approved, you can NO LONGER ask for restoration. We will have just set a new LOWER standards to this profession and our beloved Doug Steenland will become a PROPHET. He predicted that this will be a permanent re set of our pay.

    6. ALPA SLIDE SPIN show the BIG pay at 2015. It is 2012 today.

    7. Who cares that we will hire 35 % from DCI ??? Did WE negotiate that ? Hell no, it is ALL NATIONAL ALPA !

    READ ALPA's own "Collective Bargaining Manual" posted at the bottom and you will realize why we can NEVER get better scope with ALPA ! Or they will get hit by yet ANOTHER DFR.

    8. Speaking of the number 35....Another nugget we LOST and ALPA forgot to have a slide on, is RELOCATION benefit which was up to $ 35,000 Incl commissions. Go and look, there is a nice strike line through that item.